Sunday, May 15, 2016

I think that the book The Giver by Lois Lowry was better than the Movie, because parts were better explained, there were different conflicts that were introduced in the movie, and they created totally made up scenes in the movie.
One reason why I think that the book was better than the movie, is because parts were better explained in the book. In other words, in the movie they had to speed things up so that the movie was not 5 hours long. I think that they sped up some very important things, that should have been explained more. For example in the book, the Giver and Jonas go a lot more into depth with the memories compared to in the movie.
Another reason why I think that the book was better than the movie, is because there were different conflicts that were introduced in the movie. For example Asher was put as a drone pilot instead of a recreation instructor. This created a whole different conflict. Another example is that the chief elder had a lot more to do with the movie than the book. The Chief Elder was more involved in the community, and played a big role when they were searching for Jonas.
My third and final reason why the book was better than the movie, is because in the movie they created totally made up scenes, that didn’t really relate to the book. For example when Jonas and Fiona were breaking a rule, by taking the food trays and sliding down wear the stairs were. In the book we don’t even get a glimpse of what that looks like, because Asher is not a drone pilot.

Some people might think that the movie was a great representation of the book, however I think that the book The Giver by Lois Lowry was better than the movie because, things were not well explained, there were extra conflicts that didn’t need to be there, and finally there were scenes that were never seen in the book.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Screen-Free Week. Yes or No?

I read Screen-Free Week: 5 reasons to say no, The author said that we should not have Screen-Free Week because many kids have hidden talents that involve screen time. I think that what the author is saying is true, however, I disagree with the fact that we are very anti-social when we have a lot of screen time. I think this because if we had Screen-Free Week kids would have nothing else to distract them from hanging out with their friends and being more social.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Blast in the Past

I read through my questions once more before heading over to Mike’s house.
“Let's go,” My dad said. I ran out the front door, and walked down the street to see Mike sitting on his front porch reading a book. My Dad and I were standing in front of Mike, waiting for him to notice that we were there.
“Hi Mike,” My Dad said trying not to startle him.
“Oh, hi Ronn, hi Ivy,” Said Mike “Sit down, sit down.”
Michael Hawes is 79 years old, he loves to stay active by going swimming every morning at cal poly. He is very tan, and that would be explained by his love of the California weather. Mike has a slight Irish accent, that can make him hard to understand sometimes, but he is an amazing neighbor to have.
Mike also likes to save money by walking everywhere instead of driving, but when he has to drive he drives a white Datsun from the early 70’s. He saves this money to go on trips every year. He loves to travel around the world, and go visit his family in Ireland at least once a year.
“How is where you're living now different from where you grew up?” I asked Mike.
“Well, it’s completely different. I grew up in Ireland,” He went on to tell me about how in Ireland summers and winters were a lot different then they are here in San Luis.
I was surprised when I heard about the weather, “The days were short in the winter, it would be dark until about 9:00 in the morning, and get dark again at 4:00 at night,” He said, “But it would make up for it in the summer, It was dark at about 9:00 at night, and the sun would be at out at about 4:00 in the morning.”
“I lived on a farm, and I had many jobs to do around the farm,” He was interrupted by the mailman walking up to the porch.
“Here’s your mail sir,” The mailman said,
“Any other questions you’d like to ask me?” Mike said with a smile.
“What was your favorite hobby as a child, and why?” I asked Mike.
“I don't know that I had any hobbies as a child, I think we always had enough to do.”
I wasn’t surprised to hear this, but I was interested in what more he had to say.
“We were always going around hunting rabbits, but I don’t think that’s a hobby.”
“We went with the neighborhood kids,” He continued to say about all of the things that they didn’t have back then that we have today. “”Didn’t have tv, didn’t have telephones... ipods, anything like that.”
“We had no phone until about 1980, well infact my father died in 1983, and we didn’t have a phone at that time.”
“You know you just didn’t need them, if you had to talk to somebody you got on your bike or got on a horse and went off and talked to them, and that was it.”
“Sometimes you didn’t want to hear what someone had to say, somethings you didn’t want to know,” He said with a little laugh.
“What you don’t have you don’t need.”
“How old were you when you moved to the states and what were the circumstances.” I asked Mike.
“When I came here I was I guess 27, and the circumstances were, I really didn’t have to come,” He responded. “I was going to go somewhere, I had all of my qualifications in Ireland.”
“I had a job, I had a good job, but I thought when i was young, I thought that I would go for a few years.”
“I was really interested to go to either germany or switzerland, but uh in europe at that time, you know it was after the war, jobs were changing. One country would have lots of jobs one day, and the next time it would be another country had the jobs.”
“It’s quite interesting really, in germany, there were very few people my age in Germany at that time. Because all of the young people had been killed in the war,” Mike said. My Dad and I were very interested in the fact about Germany
Mike continued, “We were talking about ten years after the war, my whole generation of age boys had been wiped out in germany. Also in france and other places like that. So there were a huge amount of young girls that didn’t have, and were looking for boyfriends.”
“Then at that stage the jobs in the market tightened up, and Switzerland was right down the road and I thought that that would be nice, and where I had been working, business with some Swiss companies, in Switzerland,” Mike said with a smile. “I thought that maybe I’d apply for one of these companies. When I did then that goes down also and it wasn’t easy.”
“Then I had an opportunity to go to the U.S. as well, and I was in the mood for going, so I thought I’d go for a couple of years and see what it is like. And so I came and I was in the east, I was in ohio for a number of years. And I was so cold, and thought what am I doing here,” Mike said laughing. “This was in the mid to late 60’s.”
“And at this time I had a Volkswagen for my first car, it was a Volkswagen, and you know Volkswagens were kinda higher cars than other cars.”
“And one day it was snowing, and I looked out the window and you couldn’t even see my volkswagen. And I thought I have to get outta here,” He said laughing. “And then I finished up in San Luis Obispo.”
Did you go back to work right away?” I asked Mike.
“Yes I did,” Mike responded. “When I was in Ohio I got a job her at Cal Poly and it worked out.”
“What was the subject you taught, and what was your favorite part about teaching?” I asked Mike.
“When I was at Cal Poly I taught Electrical Engineering,” Mike answered. “And I guess the favorite part about it was the thing changed all the time, every day it was a little bit different, and uh it wasn’t boring. But every quarter you had a new class, and there were new faces and different people. And they were all the same age, and I was getting older. All of the people that I was looking at were all the same age. There were some very nice people and some real pains of people.”
“The conditions were good, not great, but very good. I was satisfied,” Mike said. “I stayed for a year and then I stayed for another year and then for another year and then all of the sudden you can’t go anywhere else anymore, you know you’re just too old to do anything else.”
“How did you decide on your career choice, and was it as you imagined as a child?” I asked.
“Well I don’t know how I decided, I guess I was always working with my hands, you know I was used to working on the land and the farm. And I thought that I’d really be doing something in agriculture, like with cattle or something like that,” Mike continued, “But at the time that I wanted to do it that option wasn’t as good as doing electrical engineering, and I had the opportunity to do that, and again it worked out. And I took advantage of it. The pay was very little really.”
While interviewing Michael Hawes I learned a lot. I learned that in Germany it was a lot different before the war compared to after. I was really interested about Mike’s past growing up in Ireland. Overall I found out how he came across coming to the United States, and from all of Mike’s past experiences he decided to stay here and enjoy some good California weather.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

One Arm
Continuing in the book Scat, Nick tapes up his arm and uses his left hand for the day, and struggles to do so. I think that Nick did the right thing because he feels that he needs to know what if feels like to  live a day in the life of what his father is going to have to go through. I predict his Father will be a lot better at managing only having one arm, since he trained in the army for some time, and has some skill that Nick does not.
All of the students in Mrs. Starch's class were surprised to see Duane Scrod Jr. come back to class after being off the grid for some time. Duane came into class dressed up, and no one thought it was actually him. I think that Duane might have cleaned up in his absents, because no one would have thought that Duane Scrod Jr. to ever behave as well as he did today. I predict that the person that walked into class might have not been Duane, more so an imposter, because everyone was so surprised and could not believe for the life of them that that was Duane Scrod Jr.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Diamond Energy Corporation
Continuing in the book Scat, we got a glimpse of two people flying in a helicopter, and they were talking about the "wild" fire. I think that the Diamond Energy Corporation, have something to do with the fire, since the police found a pen at the scene of the fire. I also predict that the Jimmy Lee Bayliss has something to do with fire because in a conversation with Jimmy and another CO worker, the CO worker asks if the fire burned any of their land. I think that Jimmy has something to do with the fire because of his response: "Of course not." Jimmy Lee Bayliss thought: Does he think I'm a moron?
Family Emergency?
Continuing in the book Scat, the police continue their search for Mrs Starch, but they soon came to conclusion that she just wanted time off from teaching. I think that it is more than a family emergency or time wanted off work, because Mrs Starch seems like the type of person that would not skip work for anything at all. I predict that Mrs Starch may still be in her home because no one has had the time or power to get a search warrant to go search the house.